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Coco is a leading robotic delivery service that deploys remotely piloted sidewalk vehicles to make last-mile deliveries more affordable, reliable, and sustainable.


With xBerry’s support and collaboration, Coco has achieved significant improvements in the reliability and performance of their onboard software stack.

Crossing Guard

Crossing Guard

Crossing Guard is an innovative AI solution for safe rail crossing. Already in use at a level crossing in Poland, it effectively tracks traffic flow and enhances safety.

Automatic Grinder

Automatic Grinder

Automatic Grinder’s exceptional capabilities enable the automation of intricate grinding tasks, maintaining an astonishing accuracy level of up to 0.2 mm.



SpaceOS is a Mixed Reality System designed for our Swedish partner. SpaceOS enables users to interact with interfaces and objects by performing hand gestures.




Antycheat is a game-changer that revolutionizes fair competition in the gaming industry by combating user-generated cheats through our groundbreaking product.

What are the customers saying?

    The engagement has seen a 99.7% increase in system uptime, whilst reducing around 80% of errors. xBerry R&D House has completed development on basic platform capabilities within two months, the team choosing to keep at a reasonable pace to produce impressive results.
    Katarzyna Stehlik
    Szajna Snap is a market hit ever since it was released! The app achieved 40% of the yearly KPI within two weeks from its release. Our customers loved the application. Szajna Snap’s functionality solves most of the problems that opticians face in their daily work. It’s intuitive and well designed. xBerry helped us develop a solution that makes a difference in the market.
    Agnieszka Menczykowska
    The MVP allowed the startup to secure a second round of funding, paving the way to a fully functional platform. xBerry R&D House was agile throughout the project. The team prioritized delivery and adjusted to scope changes with little to no friction.
    Mariusz Szypura
    I was impressed by how quickly they understood the project. Their team helped us to shape our idea into features and code. They ultimately delivered software that improved our company’s efficiency.
    Tomasz Jamka
    The deliverables have received praise for their quality, and the partner's satisfied. xBerry R&D House communicates effectively and provides progress updates. Their agile methodology complements their project management style. They've been a true partner and act as an extension of the client's team.
    What I value the most was their accessibility. They were always eager to help with resolving our issues and answering our questions.
    Kamil Lipiński
    Project Management was on spot. I was reported weekly with the progress, all the issues were taken care of immediately after addressing them, communication was phenomenal.
    Piotr Staniek
    They fully understood our needs, and the project scope was elastic enough to introduce changes during development. Their agile approach allowed us to avoid a lot of unnecessary costs and provided solid functionalities we didn't know we needed.
    Wiktor Włodarczyk

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Computer Vision

Machine Learning
Object detection
Computer Vision


Device drivers
Embedded Systems
Kernel modifications
Wireless communication


Cobot monitoring tools
Indoor navigation

Autonomous robots/cars – why aren’t we there yet?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we? Faq icon

Above all else, we are tech creators specialized in niche technologies. We research and develop cutting-edge and innovative solutions. We use them to solve the most complex issues facing business and industry. As passionate engineers, we are always looking for new and better ways to invent and deliver.

Where are we located? Faq icon

Our HQ is located in Wrocław (Poland), but as we praise the remote work model, our developers are widely spread around Europe. Also being in this centric place makes us only one flight away from our clients.

What is our goal? Faq icon

We want to promote innovation as a solution for easier-to-run businesses. With our partners, we are building a cooperative space where the requirements and challenges of today are combined with forward-thinking, leading to future-proof solutions.

How 5 dogs in the office can increase productivity? Faq icon

We promise it will be our next R&D project to find it out. So far we have found out that they amazingly increase our productivity and reduce stress level.