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Point Cloud Computing

Unleash your business with powerful cloud point computing for 3D modeling, augmented reality, and more, offering real-time insights, seamless integration, and expert support.
What we do

Supercharge your business using cloud scalability and computing power for large-scale point cloud data processing and analysis. Elevate 3D modeling, augmented reality, and autonomous systems with effortless insights from vast datasets. Scalability redefined, no data limitations, adaptability to dynamic demands, and minimized costs. Unmatched computing power for real-time insights, enhanced visualization, and informed decisions. Versatile applications from design to infrastructure management. Seamless integration, user-friendly and expert support. 


Future-proof your business with innovation, staying ahead of evolving data needs. Transform data into a strategic asset. Experience enhanced productivity, profitability, and efficiency.

enterprise solutions
  • Autonomous Navigation and Robotics: Use point cloud data to enhance navigation systems for autonomous vehicles, drones, and robotics. Real-time analysis of surroundings can improve obstacle avoidance and path planning.
  • Mining and Quarrying Operations Optimization: Develop solutions for mining companies to monitor and optimize operations by analyzing point cloud data of extraction sites. This can help improve safety, productivity, and resource management.
  • Smart City Planning and Infrastructure Development: Utilize point cloud data to model existing urban landscapes and plan for future developments. This can aid city planners in making informed decisions regarding transportation, utilities, and infrastructure.
  • 3D Asset Inspection and Quality Control: Implement automated inspection processes using AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze point cloud data from manufacturing lines. Identify defects, deviations, or anomalies in real-time, ensuring high-quality production.


Discover boundless possibilities with xBerry’s versatile module suite. Go beyond Cloud Point Computing, explore Fleet Provisioning for innovative solutions in your complex projects. Unleash your project’s true potential, yielding significant profits. Embrace seamless integration of xBerry’s advanced technology for unrivaled efficiency.

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