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Each of our electronic modules, each line of code is a proof of value.

xBerry was founded in 2016 as a small team assembled for a very specific reason: to design a perforation app for a paper company called Muller. In a few short years, xBerry grew from a small task force to a company consisting of 50+ experts.
Our mission is to enable the efficient transformation of business and industry by becoming leading experts in the niche, fast-growing fields, such as machine learning and embedded systems.
We strongly believe that technology based on reliable engineering knowledge and a deep understanding of people's needs solves real problems and has an impact on our health, work, and life. It is important to us!
We are xBerry - the Remote Research and Development Department. At your service!

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Our values

Pragmatism – we realistically assess reality, analyze specific possibilities, and take effective actions.

Empathy – we believe in mutual understanding and good relations. For our customers we are more than just contractors – we are their partners.

Experience and experiments – thanks to experience, we can experiment efficiently and look for new opportunities.

Craftsmanship – we know our profession and we are constantly developing our workshop and tools to use the technology even more effectively.

Imaginationwe want to „see” the vision for the product we are creating, then define goals and milestones.

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