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At xBerry we believe in actual change. From automation of operations requiring a lot of personnel to improving efficiency and optimizing quality assurance, our team of tech creators is always striving to impact our partners’ enterprises in a tangible and quantifiable way.
We provide extensive expertise in embedded, image processing, and machine learning. Our designers and product managers will make sure that the end-product will be user-friendly and intuitive.


Environment mapping, object recognition, pattern detection, and depth cameras. Image processing could be employed in various areas - from biotechnology to IoT.

The software application needs to see the world around to interact with it. We just have to tell the application what it exactly sees. Read more Arrow icon
The parallel world of devices connected helps us control, monitor, and adjust every aspect of our lives. With 5G expansion accessible and integrated with every sector, we can cooperate with technology like never before. Read more Arrow icon


A wide range of mobile apps in Qt/React Native/Flutter (Android, iOS). It contains information apps, applications for steering mechanical processes, and apps supporting advanced applications in medicine. Read more Arrow icon
In the fast-changing world of technological novelties, remote work and almost limitless Internet access, flexibility, and freedom of choice is a key to success. A business answer to this appears to become cross-platform software. Read more Arrow icon

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Our vision is to be a company that makes the world better through technological means. We want to use technology to improve your life and enterprise. We want to create solutions to your problems. We want to turn today’s limits into tomorrow’s starting lines.