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At xBerry, we understand that innovation should help our partners simplify doing business. By creating modern solutions tailored to the needs of our clients, we prove that advanced technologies make life easier and shorten seemingly complex processes. With this in mind, we created RentingLock – a complex intelligent lock solution that has changed the face of the flat rental business.

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One of our partners came to us with a very specific need. Running an apartment rental business, he had to deal with the tedious process of handing over keys and accessing the apartments – for subsequent tenants or to let the cleaners in.

The traditional way required a lot of commitment and time – here came the idea of creating an intelligent lock that could remotely manage access to apartments and let certain people in.

At xBerry, we are always looking for innovative solutions and the latest technologies to take our clients’ businesses to a new level. Accordingly, we started working on creating an innovative lock – a user-friendly solution relying on advanced background technology. 


The goal of the project was to create a system that can remotely control access to owners’ apartments via an electronic lock.

To achieve this, we needed to design a system based both on software and complex electronics. The application needed to be intuitive and multi-functional to allow the user to grant different types of access to several rooms or apartments while maintaining a good connection between the lock-controlling board and the software.

We also had to optimize the system’s energy consumption, to provide a year of continuous usage of the locker’s cell. From the security point of view, our goal was to take care of the non-functional requirements such as logging, tracing, and monitoring to ensure uninterrupted security of the customer’s property and business, even in the event of technical problems with the device.


  • Building firmware for the lock using C++ and Python for most of the backend.

  • Synchronizing the lock with the backend via a Bluetooth connection to the end-user’s mobile device or Bluetooth-Wifi bridge sold separately.

  • Creating a mobile app that can select particular apartment and grant specific access rights to anyone from the phone’s contact list (i.e. “person X can only enter on Mondays after 17:00”).

  • Establishing a secure and stable connection between the electronic board and mobile app using a special Bluetooth module connected to a numeric keypad located on the lock.


By securely connecting the electronic locks with a remote control system via a specially designed mobile app, we have given hotel and apartment owners a great way to automate the renting process.

In terms of functionality, the app allows the user to grant several types of access to anyone in the device’s contact list and manage it in real-time. It reduces the need for human interaction as well as the costs generated while servicing apartments.

RentingLock is a unique and innovative solution with the capacity
to change the way rental businesses operate.

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What I value the most was their accessibility. They were always eager to help with resolving our issues and answering our questions

Kamil Lipiński Rentinglock Board Member

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