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Object Detection

Unleash the power of object detection algorithms for revolutionary computer vision. Transform autonomous driving, object tracking, and security systems.
What we do

Ignite innovation in your software with our Object Detection algorithms. Seamlessly integrate this transformative technology to enable precise identification and localization of objects in images and videos. Unlock a world of possibilities as you revolutionize industries. 


Empower autonomous vehicles with intelligent detection and response capabilities for enhanced safety and efficiency. Transform retail experiences with advanced object tracking, optimizing layouts, marketing strategies, and delivering personalized customer journeys. Elevate security systems with automated threat detection and surveillance, enabling proactive measures. Gain a competitive edge through automation, efficiency, and data-driven insights, propelling your business to unparalleled success. The future is now, embrace object detection and unlock endless opportunities for growth.

enterprise solutions
  • Shelf Stock Monitoring: Object detection can automatically detect out-of-stock products on retail shelves. This ensures that products are always available for customers, thereby reducing lost sales opportunities.
  • Customer Interaction Analysis: By detecting and tracking objects (like shopping carts or baskets), retailers can analyze customer movement and product interactions in stores, leading to insights about store layouts and product placements.
  • Supply Chain Automation: We automate your logistics operations – be it sorting packages or loading/unloading goods, using advanced object detection and categorization techniques.
  • Workplace Safety: Our real-time monitoring systems are able to be aligned with the safety standards, detecting safety hazards or unsafe conditions in your work enviornment, safeguarding your personnel and assetes.


Discover new possibilities with xBerry’s versatile modules. Go beyond Object Detection, dive into Spatial Memory for cutting-edge solutions. Unleash your project’s potential, unlock profitability. Embrace seamless integration of xBerry’s advanced tech solutions for unparalleled efficiency.

Unleash the power of object detection

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