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Spatial Memory

Elevate your software with SLAM-based cognitive mapping for enhanced navigation, scene understanding, and seamless interaction. Unlock the power of spatial intelligence.
What we do

Unleash the power of intelligent navigation and interaction for your business. Our solution equips your systems with Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) techniques, effortlessly creating and maintaining a cognitive map of your spatial environment.


With enhanced navigation, scene understanding, and interaction capabilities, your business can achieve unparalleled efficiency and profitability. Experience optimized route planning, reduced operational time, and increased productivity, leading to significant cost savings. Empower your systems to adapt and respond intelligently to their surroundings, identifying objects, recognizing patterns, and optimizing operations for improved accuracy and precision. Seamlessly interact with physical objects and virtual elements, witnessing a new era of effortless collaboration.


Witness increased throughput, reduced errors, and enhanced operational efficiency, driving profitability and ensuring a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market landscape. Stay ahead of the competition with our future-proof innovation.

enterprise solutions
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs): We empower AMRs with spatial navigation capabilities, enabling them to efficiently traverse your factory or warehouse, overcoming obstacles and fulfilling their tasks effectively.
  • Emergency Response and Disaster Management: Develop a spatial memory platform that assists emergency responders in understanding the layout of buildings and infrastructure during crisis situations. This aids in efficient evacuation, rescue operations, and resource allocation.
  • Smart Agriculture and Precision Farming: Create a solution that uses spatial memory to monitor and manage agricultural fields. This can involve tracking the growth of crops, optimizing irrigation, and analyzing soil conditions to maximize yields.


Unlock even more possibilities with xBerry’s suite of modules for your complex projects. In addition to Spatial Memory, explore our cutting-edge solutions for Point Cloud Computing. Harness the true potential of your project, driving real profits. Experience the power of integration with xBerry’s advanced technology solutions.

Unleash spatial intelligence

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Coco is a leading robotic delivery service that deploys remotely piloted sidewalk vehicles to make last-mile deliveries more affordable, reliable, and sustainable.


With xBerry’s support and collaboration, Coco has achieved significant improvements in the reliability and performance of their onboard software stack.



SpaceOS is a Mixed Reality System designed for our Swedish partner. SpaceOS enables users to interact with interfaces and objects by performing hand gestures.


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