xBerry Modules Fleet Provisioning

Fleet Provisioning

Streamline device fleet and software deployment. Automate configuration and optimize resource allocation for seamless scalability and efficiency.
What we do

Optimize your business with our efficient provisioning techniques, streamlining device fleet and software instance deployment. Embrace automated configuration and cloud-based resource allocation for seamless scalability and resource efficiency. Simplify operations with streamlined management, saving valuable time and resources. Experience efficiency with automated device setup and consistent performance across your fleet. Maximize resource utilization with dynamic cloud-based optimization for cost-effectiveness. 


Stay agile with seamless scalability to meet changing demands, driving higher profitability. Unlock your resources’ full potential, minimizing waste, and optimizing performance. 

enterprise solutions
  • Fleet Scale-up: Scale-up the fleet of your devices/robots from a couple to hundreds.
  • Predictive Maintenance: We transform your machine logs into actionable insights, helping to preempt failures, boost operational efficiency, and reduce costs and downtime
  • Cloud computing: Utilize cloud infrastructure for fleet provisioning and management, supporting the scalability and agility of your fleet.


Discover new possibilities with xBerry’s versatile modules. Go beyond Fleet Provisioning, dive into Control Stack cutting-edge solutions. Unleash your project’s potential, unlock profitability. Embrace seamless integration of xBerry’s advanced tech solutions for unparalleled efficiency.

Unlock your resources' full potential

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Coco is a leading robotic delivery service that deploys remotely piloted sidewalk vehicles to make last-mile deliveries more affordable, reliable, and sustainable.


With xBerry’s support and collaboration, Coco has achieved significant improvements in the reliability and performance of their onboard software stack.

Maddie Robot

Maddie Robot

Maddie is a conceptual robot designed to perform mosaic household tasks – from bringing water from the fridge to vacuuming and arranging a phone call.


Using several advanced techniques, from complex image and data processing to expansion algorithms, we built an innovative prototype that allowed us to move into the future of fully functional household robots.

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