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Text & Image Understanding

Leverage advanced algorithms in NLP and computer vision to extract valuable information from text and images, fostering deeper content understanding for intelligent decision-making.
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With our service, your software will be equipped to analyze and comprehend complex textual content, unlocking deeper insights and meaning. It can effortlessly identify key entities, recognize sentiment, extract relevant keywords, and discern relationships within the text. By harnessing the power of natural language processing, your software can provide a deeper understanding of the content it processes, enabling more accurate and contextually aware interpretations. This deeper understanding of content leads to more accurate and contextually aware interpretations, ultimately driving increased business value and profitability.


Furthermore, our image understanding capabilities allow your software to perceive and interpret visual data with remarkable precision. It can recognize objects, detect patterns, and comprehend scenes within images, enabling it to derive invaluable insights and facilitate intelligent decision-making. Whether it’s extracting information from images, analyzing visual data for classification purposes, or enabling image-based searches, our service empowers your software to excel in image understanding tasks.

enterprise solutions
  • Customer Support Chatbots: Develop AI-powered chatbots that can understand and respond to customer queries through both text and images. These bots can provide real-time assistance, answer product-related questions, and even troubleshoot issues by analyzing images provided by customers.
  • Healthcare Diagnostics: Design a solution that analyzes medical images (X-rays, MRIs, CT scans) along with the associated textual reports to assist radiologists and doctors in diagnosing and interpreting patient conditions.
  • Copy Analysis: Automate the analysis of the copy and data that is owned by your company in order to work faster on the documents or prevent plagiarism online.


Discover limitless potential for your project through xBerry’s comprehensive module suite. Venture beyond the realm of Text & Image Understanding and immerse yourself in Object Detection, unveiling cutting-edge solutions for your intricate projects. Embrace the true capabilities of your project, reaping significant profits along the way. Seamlessly integrate xBerry’s advanced technology solutions, unleashing unmatched efficiency and success.

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