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DRNK App. The Business Value of Augmented Reality



In recent years, augmented reality has become one of the biggest technological trends. Its popularity was influenced hugely by mobile gaming and social media, but there’s more to it than that. AR is not just a way of transforming boring reality into a game — it is also a great tool for business and industry leaders who wish to innovate their services and products. See how.


The Rise of AR


Augmented reality attracted enormous attention after the release of Pokemon Go — a game that became an instant hit thanks to the accessibility of its advanced AR features on portable devices, such as smartphones or tablets. Gamification of everyday life quickly caught on, and new products founded on the same premise flooded our virtual stores. AR-based mobile apps, games, and social media filters are now everywhere, as the market is expected to expand at a stunning compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 43.8% from 2021 to 2028.


Gamification is not, however, the only functionality that AR brings about. One of the key market growth drivers indicated by the analysts is the proliferation of augmented reality in crucial sectors, such as construction, healthcare, and marketing. AR-powered healthcare applications that help perform surgeries and 3D models of architectural blueprints allowing architects to visualize their designs are not merely a thing of the future. On the contrary — they are being implemented by more and more businesses around the globe at this very moment. 


AR is also great for retail. It provides many unique ways to interact with the customer, with options such as try-before-you-by or real-time customization available to boost the consumer experience and facilitate the process of decision-making. All these benefits explain why worldwide spending on AR is forecast to reach USD 28.8 billion by 2024. That, in turn, means business and industry leaders must understand the business value of AR to successfully implement it into their digital strategies.




At xBerry, we had a fantastic opportunity to become a part of a project that aims to innovate a way we showcase products through augmented reality: the DRNK App. DRNK App is an application designed for the alcoholic beverages market which combines an immersive AR experience with social media and advanced analytics, providing unparalleled consumer insights. It adds another dimension to beer, wine, and spirits labels, effectively changing the way customers interact with products. 


DRNK App uses advanced AR features to provide the customer with additional information and facilitate the process of decision-making. It automatically detects the label, animates it, and displays relevant details concerning the product, such as reviews and ratings.


Our job on the project was to develop a framework for interaction with AR objects that would run smoothly on smartphones and other portables. The framework was required to support a wide range of devices without sacrificing the overall performance in terms of broadband usage and other important UX aspects. To overcome this challenge, we pursued a highly parallel architecture and developed a profiling capability to maintain high-performance levels across the board.  


DRNK App was tested during an almost two-month-long campaign conducted by a large Asian retail chain and proved remarkably successful by reaching a conversion rate of 6%.


AR’s Business Value


One of the most significant advantages of AR is that it offers practically unlimited possibilities when it comes to creating unique interfaces and functionalities. Navigation-enhancing HUDs displayed on a windshield or AR glasses projecting crucial information on chosen objects may sound like science fiction now but could very well become a standard soon. 


Furthermore, AR is highly accessible. It requires no more than a smartphone or a tablet and has virtually no entry barrier. That means that even smaller businesses can benefit from implementing AR solutions, especially when their main concern is the customer experience.


All these benefits make AR a perfect choice for those who want to gain a competitive edge and boost the appeal of their services. As a fast-growing and relatively niche technology, AR still has much room for growth, and new use cases will probably soon emerge. Even now, however, the possibilities it presents to creative business leaders seem virtually endless. 


Interested in introducing AR solutions to your enterprise? Get in touch with one of our experts and let us know what you have in mind!

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