Coco is a leading robotic delivery service that deploys remotely piloted sidewalk vehicles to make last-mile deliveries more affordable, reliable, and sustainable.


With xBerry’s support and collaboration, Coco has achieved significant improvements in the reliability and performance of their onboard software stack.

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Together with Omniaz, we created DRNK APP – an AR mobile innovation for alcohol beverage advertising.


DRNK APP was tested in 24 stores for more than 500 labels per store. The application’s conversion rate hit 6%, and out of all 300 interested clients, 75% were new.

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Maddie Robot

Maddie is a conceptual robot designed to perform mosaic household tasks – from bringing water from the fridge to vacuuming and arranging a phone call.


Using several advanced techniques, from complex image and data processing to expansion algorithms, we built an innovative prototype that allowed us to move into the future of fully functional household robots.

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SpaceOS is a cutting-edge Mixed Reality System we designed for our Swedish partner.


To move augmented reality to the next level, we created a futuristic system that enables users to interact with interfaces and objects displayed in AR by performing gestures with their hands. 

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RentingLock is a system that allows the owners to remotely control access to real estates, such as hotels or apartments, through one multi-functional mobile application connected to electronic locks via Bluetooth.


This ingenious solution lets the owner grant several types of authorization (permanent, cyclical, hourly, or other) and completely automate the rental process.

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Crossing Guard

Crossing Guard is an innovative AI solution for safe passage through a rail crossing.


Thanks to Crossing Guard, railroad crossing supervisors can monitor accidents and dangerous events easier than ever. Crossing Guard system is already in use at one level crossing in Poland and is proving extremely useful in tracking traffic flow and safety.

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Szajna Snap

We provided Szajna with a product that gives them a competitive advantage, by simplifying the distribution process and boosting customer satisfaction.


The application achieved 40% of its yearly KPI within the first two weeks from release and was immediately acknowledged as a hit solution.

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Plagiarism is one of the most common bad practices followed by online creators.


Copysearcher helped our partner protect their content better and maximize the influence of their networks by minimizing the diffusion of their audiences’ attention.

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Vaccine Cold Chain

We have created a solution based on the high-frequency RFID tags and QR codes attached to every vaccine container.


The solution turned out to be fully functional and automatic – it ensured fully monitored vaccine transport processes. And it has been tested by one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in Europe.

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Digital Touch-Up

The successful integration of automatic photo retouching has proven to be a cost-saving and time-efficient solution for our client.

The photo editing process has been streamlined and now takes no longer than 30 minutes. To this day, the app has processed over 2 million photos (and still counting!). 

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