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In today’s world, success often depends not only on quality but also on the speed at which we can provide the customer with a given product or service. Following this idea, our partner noticed an opportunity to modernize and automate the process of selecting corrective lenses. xBerry team was the one who turned this idea into an innovative product.

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Approximately 2,5 billion people worldwide have a vision defect problem. In Poland, over half of the population are affected. In a regular software house,it’s more like 8 out of 10 employees. The scale of the problem is even more significant because of many undiagnosed issues. 

Whenever we need to buy lenses, we have to go through many tedious steps, starting from endless consultations and eye tests, and finally picking the right frame. For opticians and optometrists alike, this process is time-consuming. They used to have to do a series of measurements to choose the optimal setup, instead of focusing their attention on the client’s personal needs. 

What if everything could be more straightforward, and the whole process could be avoided? Szajna honed in on this opportunity. Our partners came up with the idea of building a fully automated, complex application for optical measurements.

After some detailed workshops with them involving event storming, we managed to round up all the information and inspiration and start work on turning this impressive concept into a product.


Our main goal was to help the optician automatically collect all measurements by applying advanced image processing techniques.

For this purpose, the system had to meet numerous requirements, including easy and quick personalization of an advanced eyeglass lens with an accuracy of 0.5 millimeters, the possibility of precise measurement, and intuitiveness of the solution, which will translate into time savings.

To ensure maximum benefit for the patient from using the application, we needed to include an option to order glasses quickly, combined with the automatic import of measurement data. Additionally, we wanted to make the application as easy to read and use as possible and guarantee that every patient can use it without any special instructions, by designing an application with a minimum number of screens, exposing only the key information and functions.


  • We applied advanced image processing techniques to automate the process.

  • As the project is based on image processing, we decided to use C++ to ensure speed and real-time operations.

  • We chose the Qt framework to ensure that the code will compile on many platforms. Additionally, this choice helped us considerably reduce the costs of development.

  • We used Dlib technology to map the patient’s face with the line of their nose. Dlib gathers and processes this preliminary data while providing quick and efficient work.

  • We relied on Firebase, which turned out to be a game-changer. It significantly accelerated our development thanks to inbuilt components that we could reuse. It helped us to reduce costs and scale the solution with ease.


By developing a user-friendly and easily accessible application, we cut the time needed to gather all necessary measurements by 80%, concurrently providing an accuracy of 0.5 millimeters.

We provided Szajna with a product that gives them a competitive advantage, by simplifying the distribution process and boosting customer satisfaction. The application achieved 40% of its yearly KPI within the first two weeks from release and was immediately acknowledged as a hit solution. It is another confirmation that experts at xBerry can bring about actual change in our partners’ ventures.

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What are the customers saying?

Szajna Snap is a market hit ever since it was released! The app achieved 40% yearly KPI within two weeks from its release. Our customers loved the application. Szajna Snap's funcionality solves most of the problems that opticians face in their daily work. It's intuitive and well designed. xBerry helped us develop a solution that makes a difference in the market.

Agnieszka Menczykowska Marketing Manager Szajna

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