xBerry Blog xBerry Is One of The Most Reviewed AI Companies in Wroclaw According to The Manifest

xBerry Is One of The Most Reviewed AI Companies in Wroclaw According to The Manifest



AI is a quickly becoming a well-adopted technology all over the world. It has the same world-changing potential as mobile apps and the internet before it. This is why companies are scrambling to get ahead and adopt AI in any way they can.


In order to do this, they first need a reliable partner to guide them through what they can use AI for and how to apply it to their operations effectively. This is why we’re very proud to share the news that xBerry was recently named as one of the most reviewed AI companies by The Manifest.


The Manifest is a B2B research directory that helps companies find and connect with specialized vendors with the skills to complete their projects. They do this by combining their feedback-based review system with customer service-focused awards.


We want to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for making their voices heard about the quality of our work. Their support is one of the big reasons why we are where we are today. We will continue to rely on them to make the right choices moving forward and vow to do our part and provide great experiences for them in the coming months.


At xBerry, we don’t just talk about the future. Together with our partners, we turn ideas into future-proof solutions. We provide extensive experience in embedded, image processing, and machine learning. Our team will make sure that the end product will be innovative and user-friendly at the same time. Our product managers will provide you with tailored solutions and constant, professional support.


If you’re looking for a team that shares your vision and empowers you to bring your ideas to life, contact us to get started. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your app goes from ideation to market as smoothly as possible.


Additionally, you can explore our AI offerings on the AI Integrators page or read our success story from a recent project where we had the opportunity to demonstrate our AI expertise.

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