Our partner’s goal is to move flat rental services to the next level by introducing a system of intelligent locks to apartments.


The system consists of an electronic board that controls lockers, mobile application, and BlueTooth module that provides communication between a mobile and the lockers. The mobile app allows an owner to grant various types of authorizations to users; such as cyclic door opening, permanent access, hourly access, and a lot more.

The app sends the authorization information to the specified lockers through Wi-Fi. At the same time, an automated email or a text message is generated for a guest who can use the app to access the room for a specified time.


The goal of the project was to create a system that can remotely control access to owners’ apartments by an electronic lock. We built the lock’s firmware and most of the backend. The mobile app allows for selecting a particular apartment and granting specific access rights to anyone from the phone’s contact list (i.e. “person X can only enter on Mondays after 17:00”).

The lock is synchronized with the backend by a Bluetooth connection to the end-users mobile device or Bluetooth-Wifi bridge sold separately.


The app is very multi-functional. It allows the users to add new lockers in the property list, add or change user access rights, read the status of lockers’ cells, detect and display data transfer range, and provide the user with an entry report.

The non-functional requirements such as logging, tracing, and monitoring had to be well-thought from the app’s security point of view.


The aim of the project was to produce electronics with software that allows you to control the electronic lock using the built-in keyboard and a mobile application. The main application of this solution is the installation of an electronic lock in apartments for rent. This will enable the automation of the premises rental process. What’s more our solution will significantly reduce the cost of servicing the apartments. This is related not only to the reduced need for staff, but also an important aspect is the overall saving of time through automation and complete remote service

The lock owner is able to install it and check its condition. He is able to control the lock from the application level and grant access to any other users through the code system. In the basic version, only access using bluetooth and the numeric keypad located on the lock is provided.

The extended version will also include a bridge – a component that allows you to control the lock via wifi. This will allow it to be controlled from anywhere in the world, provided that both the terminal with the mobile application and the lock’s bridge have access to the network. The lock administrator will have access to the history of attempts to open the lock, both authorized and unauthorized. An unlimited number of locks can be assigned to one telephone number.








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