The right to vote is the most elementary right of a democracy. It would seem that people should care about expressing their opinion, but the recent parliamentary elections voter turnout shows the opposite.



Our partner’s long-term goal was to boost creativity to solve the most complex IT problems through a decentralized voting system called Alpha Blockchain. The application facilitates transparent information flow through an open-source and free to use the online voting system.

The turnout has not even reached 50% over the last 15 years. The most common response of those who did not vote was a lack of time to get to the polling station. People are often busy working, traveling, changing residences, living abroad, or simply forgetting about the election. We also cannot forget about the disabled for whom a visit to the polling station is an insurmountable barrier.


Alpha Blockchain is the first open-source voting application available to those interested in improving the blockchain technologies in Poland.

The app promotes cyberdemocracy through a fair and transparent online voting system that facilitates clear information flow throughout NGO’s, private, and public organizations. We developed the GUI for android and set up a background server that can support multiple platforms that are scheduled to be developed in the future.


We believe we created a unique, easy to use, and reliable application for online voting. The application ensures a transparent election process where results are easy to monitor.

To use the app, users need to type in a valid phone number and a password. After logging in, the users gain access to the list of current polls with a piece of short information about each such as the type of voting, its duration, available candidates, or potential solutions.

From the management perspective, one can easily create a poll from several categories, define the run time, and access the results easily.


Our project requires innovative technology and excellent programming skills. We have been working with xBerry for over six months, and I believe that the quality of work that xBerry has delivered is outstanding. It is the cherry on the top. Over the next few months, we are planning to launch the final phase of this project. I am confident about the outcome.

Marcin Gawlas



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