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The parallel world of devices connected helps us control, monitor, and adjust every aspect of our lives. With 5G expansion accessible and integrated with every sector, we can cooperate with technology like never before.


The applications for the IoT are limitless. That is why we always start with an interview to ensure that we fully understand all business requirements. We prepare high-level architecture design for the whole solution that we polish in cooperation with the client. When the architecture is agreed upon, we prepare a quick PoC for the single device. That allows us to accurately estimate the amount of work, list all the necessary features, and confront ideas with real-world implementation. It is invaluable to see the device in work just within weeks from the start, put it into a broader perspective, and reassess the approach we are taking at every stop on the way.


Gather the business requirements and understand the need.
Define features and hardware that will be required.
Prepare a simple board for real-world tests.
Run tests to choose the most promising approach.
Launch simple PoC and consult results with the client. Often a visual presentation allows one to fully understand the concept.
Choose the best development path and adapt it to business requirements and budget.
Work on the proposed solution in an iterative manner.

Case study


RentingLock is a system that allows the owners to remotely control access to real estates, such as hotels or apartments, through one multi-functional mobile application connected to electronic locks via Bluetooth.


This ingenious solution lets the owner grant several types of authorization (permanent, cyclical, hourly, or other) and completely automate the rental process.

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