Vaccine Cold Chain

The main purpose of the vaccine is to protect against severe disease and unforeseeable complications. Live vaccines induce strong immunity after a single dose.


Vaccines are sensitive biological products. Some vaccines are sensitive to freezing, some to heat and others to light. Vaccine potency, meaning its ability to adequately protect the vaccinated patient, can diminish when the vaccine is exposed to inappropriate temperatures. Once lost, vaccine potency cannot be regained. To maintain quality, vaccines must be protected from temperature extremes. Vaccine quality is maintained using a cold chain that meets specific temperature requirements.


The transport process seems simple and understandable – but everything really depends on the goods we transport. In the case of vaccines, the requirements that must be met in order for their condition to remain the same as at the time of production. Thus, during their transport, the requirements in which they are stored are strict.

The safety of vaccines is ensured by various security measures, including special packaging, access control measures and cameras, and the most important in this case – temperature sensors.

  • Keep vaccines in appropriate vaccine refrigeration equipment.
  • Use a temperature monitoring device to ensure temperatures remain between +2 °C and +8 °C.
  • Transport vaccines to immunization sessions in a vaccine carrier, correctly packed, using coolant packs that have been properly prepared.

The coldchain process

Key features

Starting from the moment the vaccines are packed in special packages that provide them with full resistance to possible shocks or damage. Then, to be sure that the quantity of goods in terms of quantity is the same both at the start and at the time of their transfer, using image detection, we used RFID tags and QR codes.

They allowed not only to obtain information about the quantity but also provided the complete set of information we needed, such as:

  • type of vaccine
  • production date
  • the date of posting
  • a full cross-section of the vaccine temperature, with the accuracy of seconds.

We read this data using so-called checkpoints that were found at key points along the vaccine path. Each station was fully communicated with the server to which the data was sent for processing and storage.


The solution is fully functional and automatic – it ensures fully monitored vaccine transport processes. And it has been tested by one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in Europe.

We truly believe its going to be a ideal solution for our rought times!


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