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Have you ever wondered how the coupons that you buy before every concert or at any other group event are actually made? Let us introduce you to this topic a little with a solution that we have developed for Muller.


Our long term partner wished to bring flexible paper handling solutions to the next level. We partnered with Muller’s R&D department to innovate their perforation pattern machinery. On one hand, we wanted to provide creative-minded designers with maximum flexibility. On the other hand, we knew that our solution had to be desirable by the ordinary factory workers who were the end-users of our application.


Software architecture must able to operate the entire machine’s functionality. UI design needs to be simple enough so that an ordinary worker can intuitively access the required components. The design process had to be flexible so that designers could prepare any patterns their customers requested. We needed to focus on minimizing human mistakes in the process.


The machines cut and perform perforation patterns on sheets of paper. Each parameter has to be calculated automatically to decrease the chance of human error. The machine goes up to 30 thousand pages per hour. There is a high chance of human error in terms of knife selection. The design of the perforation patterns varies from customer to customer. Various staff members use the machine to design the patterns, create and run the job. The machine operates in manual and automatic modes (a printer can be added to the production line).

Our modern-looking application is capable of creating perforation patterns, adding new projects, and performing predefined jobs. The intuitive design of the application encouragers workers to carry out the tasks and limits the number of resources lost due to human mistakes.

*Create and edit new perforation patterns and cutting knives patterns

*New job creation

*Running predefined jobs

*Increased functionality of the machines produced by our partner.

*Decreased the number of human errors when operating the machine.

Pattern manager


We found in xBerry a professional and authentic Partner for software development. We are happy to continue our ongoing cooperation. I am confident to recommend xBerry to anyone interested in modern and agile software development.



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