Customers buy when they realize that they receive more value from owning a product than keeping their money. It often happens that customers give-up on buying a product when they encounter difficulties in gathering information about the product’s value.



Omniaz uses Augmented Reality to build a new way of approaching customers to help them access information about the value of products that they may want to purchase and provide new channels for retailers.


To test the approach, Omniaz and xBerry built an augmented reality mobile application for the brewage industry. It often happens that customers would like to test a different type of wine or spirit, but they are not sure which one would suit their needs. The app allows customers to quickly access information about wine, beer, and spirit they might want to purchase. For instance, if a customer would know more about a bottle of wine they are looking at in a store, DRNK APP will automatically detect the bottle’s label, play an animation that is associated with that label, and allow the customer to access relevant information about the alcohol. This helps both the customer to uncover the value of the product and the retailer to differentiate their product from the competition.


The project had to hit close and non-movable deadlines, so it had to be built quickly, but remain refactorable. The R&D part of the project was finalized on Oct 19’. After that, Omniaz tested the product during a 1.5 month-long campaign with a large retailer in Asia.

During this period the product was tested in 24 stores on more than 500 labels per store. The application’s conversion rate hit 6% and out of all 300 interested clients, 75% were new.


We decided to use several technologies:

  • C++ System navigation and space mapping. While working with multiple cameras (including movement) ensured us that we will keep maximum precision.
  • OpenGL System navigation and space mapping. While working with multiple cameras (including movement) ensured us that we will keep maximum precision.
  • SDK Used to interact with a graphics processing unit, to achieve hardware accelerated rendering.


Our collaboration with xBerry was very successful. They delivered a high-quality software under tight deadlines set by our investors. The clients are very satisfied with the output of the project. The application hit a conversion rate of 6% and it managed to acquire over 200 new clients in just over a month. This is just a beginning. I am looking forward to continuing our partnership with xBerry

COO & Co-Founder @ Omniaz

Marc Giovannini


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