xBerry Job Infrastructure Engineer

Infrastructure Engineer

OpcjonalneFull TimeRemoteWrocław25 000 - 40 000
About us
xBerry – we are an R&D House gaining experience in delivering custom solutions for international clients since 2016. We provide extensive expertise in embedded systems, machine learning, AR/VR technology, and image processing.
  • BS in Computer Science or equivalent technical experience
  • 5+ years of professional experience in software development
  • Professional experience with a typed language
  • Significant professional experience with Kubernetes and Helm.
  • Professional experience with message queue & pub/sub frameworks
  • Experience building an observability stack
  • Experience with CloudFormation or Terraform
  • Experience architecting and implementing cloud services in AWS
  • Strong networking fundamentals
  • Experience managing databases in production
  • Experience with building and maintaining standard client libraries for shared services (e.g. MQTT)
  • Designing and building intuitive and robust platform systems. This involves creating the technical infrastructure that supports Coco’s delivery service and ensures it operates smoothly.
  • Design reviews to make informed decisions about the technologies to be used in various projects. This includes selecting the right tools and frameworks to build efficient and reliable systems.
  • Provide guidance and advice to the organization on best practices in software development and infrastructure management. This ensures that the engineering teams follow industry-standard practices.
  • Work with different teams to ensure that engineers have the necessary processes and software tools to work safely and efficiently. This may involve creating documentation, establishing workflows, and facilitating communication between teams.
  • Be responsible for managing infrastructure on AWS, including setting up and maintaining Kubernetes clusters using Helm. They will also work with Docker, RabbitMQ, Redis, and other technologies to ensure a reliable and scalable infrastructure.
  • Setting up monitoring and logging systems to track the performance of the delivery service and identify issues in real time.
  • Defining and provisioning infrastructure as code, making it easier to manage and scale Coco’s systems.
  • Ensuring the network infrastructure is secure and optimized for the delivery service.
  • Setting up, maintaining, and optimizing database systems like Postgres.
  • The engineer may be involved in building and maintaining client libraries for shared services, such as MQTT. This helps in creating a common set of tools for developers to use when interacting with these services.
We offer
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Hybrid work option.
  • Medical care and MultiSport program.
  • Pet-friendly office in the center of Wroclaw.
  • Team-building activities.
  • Employment contract or B2B, depending on preferences.