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Innovation in recent years has influenced the atmosphere of a competitive economy – and the power of the upheaval is increasing. The overall situation of logistics shows how the safety, cost and value relation, and transparency impact environmental and social issues. Taking care of these issues can determine a company’s success in the logistics industry. And the key contributor turns out to be digitalization.

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Recent years have brought many new challenges in the logistics industry. Increased demand for necessities during the pandemic meant that companies had to ensure uninterrupted supplies of goods during a period of increased demand. On the other hand, there was a boom in e-commerce logistics caused by the global lockdown. When entire societies stayed home, their consumer habits almost entirely spilled over to the Internet. And it was the Internet that proved to be the safest place to shop.


All of this accelerated the rapidly progressing digital transformation in logistics. And although the greatest incentive to implement innovations in logistics is always the possibility of a positive impact on the speed, certainty, and security of deliveries while maintaining cost optimization, it is now that the digitization of logistics is progressing, changing its face forever.

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