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The COVID-19 crisis highlighted the urgency of embracing digital transformation in business and industry.


For many companies, immediate digitalization was the only way to stay afloat and keep up with the ever-changing dynamics of the New Normal. That, in turn, showed us just how much responsibility the tech industry bears in an economy growing more and more dependent on technology.

What we do?

Biotechnology is one of the key areas of study that can help us overcome the challenges of our time. When science and technology go hand in hand, the results can save the world – literally!


During the covid-19 pandemic, the entire biotechnology sector enjoyed great popularity and increased funding. However, biotechnologists’ contribution is crucial not only during a global crisis. By conducting daily research and development work in the field of biotechnology, the branch has a vast impact on minimizing the ecological footprint, improving food production and creating more efficient manufacturing processes, and finally – fighting diseases.


As a rapidly developing industry with deeply entrenched social responsibility, it needs some innovative underpin. Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Big Data, and full digitalization reveal to be the best support while offering future-proof solutions for the biotechnology industry.


At xBerry, we also wanted to contribute to the struggle against COVID-19 to the best of our abilities. And since what we do best is use high technology to optimize or automate business and industrial processes, one thing instantly crossed our minds: we wanted to make the process of vaccine distribution safer and more efficient. We designed a unique system — the Vaccine Cold Chain, a complex IoT solution that ensures the safe delivery of vaccines from the factory to the doctor’s office.

As a company specialized in high-tech, we understand both our responsibility and unique ability to help society in times of need. In the world so dependent on technology, we must do what we can to facilitate and optimize the vital processes aiming to make our lives easier. The Vaccine Cold Chain is just one instance of our many efforts to do so.

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Maddie is a conceptual robot designed to perform mosaic household tasks – from bringing water from the fridge to vacuuming and arranging a phone call.


Using several advanced techniques, from complex image and data processing to expansion algorithms, we built an innovative prototype that allowed us to move into the future of fully functional household robots.

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SpaceOS is a cutting-edge Mixed Reality System we designed for our Swedish partner.


To move augmented reality to the next level, we created a futuristic system that enables users to interact with interfaces and objects displayed in AR by performing gestures with their hands. 

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